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Daily, monthly and weekly challenges to help you stay on track with your writing goals.

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Overcome the dread with our journals of pictur, and one word prompts.

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Our virtual book club supports great writers by making them avid readers.

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Track down your habits, moods, daily tasks and more.

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Every word, alternative and replacement can be found in this dictionary, that is constantly updated.

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Free for all and by invite only, this exclusive FB group helps and connects our writers.

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Welcome to the resource library, the only place for new writers, aspiring authors, and bestselling baes. Our mission is to help you tap into your power to write. Our vision is to help you become the author you've always wanted to be. This could literally change your life.

The resource library is updated every month with new content to help you track your writing goals and create writing schedules just for you.

Grab our writing cheatsheets, workbooks, and action plans to boost your writing style or take part in our Instagranm challenges. Overcome dread with our writers journals.

Join our virtual book club and have access to our Facebook community where we partake in the icebreaker challenges and review our favorite books.

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12-Month Plan

With this plan you have access to all the content of the aspiring author and the bestselling bae with the addition of the Unbecoming a Book Blogger Course. This course specifically helps writers to earn money as a self-published author and supplement their income.