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Challenge Yourself

Have access to tons of daily, monthly, and weekly challenges to help you stay on track with your goals. Have confidence that you can find challenges on everything books, blogs, and business.

Workbooks & Action Plans

Track your habits moods, daily tasks, and much more with our workbooks. Use our action plans to pt your goals into action right now and start seeing the results you were meant to see.

Writer's Block Journal

This journal was created to help authors overcome the dread of being stuck in a writing wheel of lack of inspiration. The journal comes in the form of picture prompts, on word and writing prompts.

The Writer's Dictionary

Mainly designed for writers who need word alternatives or replacement words. This dictionary is frequently updated.

Cheatsheets & Checklists

Gain access to hundreds of cheat sheets, checklists, guides and infographics to help with your various projects.

Video Tutorials

Every piece of content on various topics in the blogging, business entrepreneur, writing, and marketing field has been turned into videos.

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"Ten years from now, you'll surely arrive

The question is where?"

Tony Robbins

Hi, I'm Jewell

And welcome to my resource library. I am an indie author, book blogger, and planner addict with a passion for helping others on their entrepreneurial journey.

Whether you’re a writer, book blogger, or creator, I’m sure there is something in the library to catch your attention.

I have lots of fun creating these templates and worksheets and I really hope you enjoy them.

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